Hockey player on ice

GuardLab:  Hockey Mouthguards 

Protect yourself with a GuardLab mouthguard for hockey - worn by many NHL players and teams

When it comes to contact sports, there’s few as tough as hockey. Balancing on skates and some pads, hockey is a game of fast speed, racing to corners, shooting high-speed pucks, high sticks, and the constant battle with other players trying to slam you into the ice, boards or glass.  

That’s why NHL teams like the NY Islanders and LA Kings wear GuardLab hockey mouthguards while on the ice.  

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Choosing the right Hockey Mouthguard:

Since most hockey players are wearing a helmet, often with a face cage, our ultra thin boil and bite mouthguard, the APEX LITE will provide essential protection without any extra bulk.  All types of hockey players (from ice hockey, field hockey, roller hockey and street hockey) love the APEX LITE because you can talk, drink and breathe with it in.  

Our innovative APEX BITE PATTERN is pre-indented into each APEX Guard and contoured to replicate a custom fitted mouthguard, so you’ll have less distractions and more protection while playing.  Younger players can wear any of our hockey mouthguards with braces, ensuring their dental work remains safe.  Best of all, our thinnest mouthguards come in 8 different colors (clear, white, black, blue, red, yellow, green and pink). 

Our boil and bite guards suit all ages and all skills levels.  Age 6 and up can fit size Small, and most teens/adults will wear size Medium.  Size Large is meant for adults with extra wide bites.

APEX LITE Mouthguards are available in our online store and at select retailers including PURE HOCKEY, Perani's, Monkey Sports, and many more.


Choosing a Custom-Fit Hockey Mouthguard: 

If you’re looking for a mouthguard to offer even better protection, consider our PRO Guard. Our PRO guards are specially designed using a 3D scanned impression of your teeth. By using a 3D scan, we’re able to contour our guards to the exact specifications of your teeth, mouth and jaw which makes our PRO Guard the most exact fitting mouthguard you’ve ever worn.  Choose Level 1 or 2 for a thin, low profile fit.

The PRO guard can also be completely customized, using our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) design tool. The DIY tool allows you to add any graphic you want on your guard, making it uniquely yours. Finding a lost mouthguard on the ice can be tricky so we highly recommend personalizing your mouthguard with your name, initials or jersey number, or choosing a brighter color like yellow, blue or orange! 

photo: @guardlab  PRO DIY Guards, Level 1

Custom-Fit protection is non-bulky, breathable and comes with your own design. PRO Guards will have superior retention, allowing you to talk, breathe and drink without having to remove the guard from your teeth!

Interested in a TEAM Order for your hockey club? Learn more. 

Reduce the risk of injury with ARC™ Guards:

If you seek the absolute best for comfort, protection AND performance in a mouthguard, look no further than our ARC Upper Guards. Our patented Alignment Repositioning Cushion (ARC™) Technology will optimize the position of your jaw to help absorb impact and dissipate pressure to aid in reducing the risk of injury or concussions. Additionally, it has been proven that this perfect alignment increases oxygenation, stabilizes muscles of the head, neck, and jaw, and enhances flexibility, balance, strength, and explosive power. There's no better guard on the market for offering tangible performance benefits while keeping you safe and protected. 

ARC™ Guards require a 3D Scan of your teeth to engineer the most scientifically advanced mouthguard, designed just for you.  Visit the ARC Product page for more info.


For hockey, our athletes are choosing the custom-fit PRO Guard or ARC Guard in Level 1 or Level 2 (which requires a 3D scan or impression of your teeth).

APEX LITE or APEX are also popular choices, if you like premium quality + value, with the quick convenience of a boil and bite.  View the entire APEX Collection for more colorful designs.