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How to purchase your GuardLab mouthguard with a 3D Scan:


1. Select a Custom Guard and add to cart. Choose 3D Scan as your fitting method.


2. Acknowledge that you understand an additional 3D Scan fee is payable at the time of your scan appointment.


3. Book your 3D scan directly with a dental partner. They will send your scan to our Lab for production.


4. You're done! Once your scan is received at our Lab, your guards will be shipped directly to your home address.

Please remember, a 3D Scan is only a digital impression to fit your GuardLab mouthguard. However, if you liked your state-of-the-art-visit, our Certified Dentists are awfully nice and able to help with any of your dental questions or needs.

GuardLab Certified Dentists & 3D Scan Locations

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Visit our FAQs to learn more about 3D Scanning and our mouthguards!

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