Accurate. Convenient. Affordable.

GuardLab is a sports technology company changing the way you protect your teeth. We use 3D technology and 3D printing to create premium products that are accurate and comfortable, while being the most scientifically advanced. 

Our Brand Ambassadors include a diverse and talented spectrum of passionate and dedicated athletes, who believe in the quality of our products and our brand.

At GuardLab, we pride ourselves on accuracy, precision and comfort


"Accuracy is everything when it comes to the perfect custom fit.  Our premium products are engineered to improve the experience and performance of athletes, everywhere."  


GuardLab is an official licensed partner of UFC, and has other partners and clients across all major professional and collegiate sports leagues including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLL and NCAA - including the multi-time Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots, the NCAA National Champion UNC Men’s Basketball, the Toronto Argonauts, as well as the Tennessee Titans, Toronto Blue Jays, Philadelphia Eagles, Denver Nuggets and many more.


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Welcome to the Mouthguard Revolution.