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We take pride in building you the best mouthguards possible. 

We hope this section provides all the answers you need.  If you still have a question for us, feel free to use our Online Chat or send us an email to 

Q1. How much do Guardlab mouthguards cost? 

A1. GuardLab offers the best mouthguards on the planet. We are committed to offering a bespoke premium product of the highest quality, at an attainable price point for every athlete.  First, choose the guard that's right for you, then choose how you would like to get measured.  Here's how the pricing works: 

  • APEX™ Guard: $29.95 each or $39.95 each with personal customization. Semi-Custom Fit in 3 universal sizes (small, medium or large). Simply boil, bite and wear.  Suitable for everyone and self-fit at home.  Add unlimited designs to your APEX Guard and personalize it!
  • APEX Lite Guard: $24.95 each. Ultra-thin and intended for light contact or helmet sports.  Semi-Custom Fit in 3 universal sizes (small, medium or large). Simply boil, bite and wear.  Suitable for everyone and self-fit at home.  
  • PRO Guard: $89.95 each for a standard color or $99.95 with personal customization.  The PRO Guard is our best-selling custom-fit guard and the perfect upgrade from an APEX Guard.  Measured by a Home Kit (additional $14.95) or 3D Scan (see Q2).
  • ARC-PRO Guard: $149.95 each with personal customization included (plus a 3D scan fee, see Q2)  Measured to the Individual by a 3D Scan only.  Comes in 2 styles: Upper Protection or Lower Performance.  These neuromuscular guards represent the highest level of protection and performance and favored by elite, collegiate, and professional athletes.  Learn more about the science.
    • RECOVERY Guard: $99.95 each. Available for the Upper or Lower teeth. Allows you to get a better night's sleep while preventing costly damage from clenching and light grinding (bruxism).  Recover quicker and perform better the next day.  Measured by a Home Kit (additional $14.95) or a 3D scan (see Q2).

    Q2. How much does it cost for a Home Kit or 3D Scan?

    A2.  Home Kits are $14.95 each and the price includes a fitting kit and return shipping.  Home Kits are only available for PRO Guards or Recovery Guards.  Once you send in a useable Home Impression, we will digitize your impression for better storage and faster re-ordering in the future. 

    3D Scans are only provided by Certified GuardLab Dentists.  The dental scan fee is payable to the Dentist, at the time of your appointment.  The cost will vary, averaging up to or around $100, depending on the Dentist's fee agreement and their location.  Our network of partners is constantly growing, check out our current list of Dentists here.

    Q3.  Is it worth getting a 3D scan?

    A3. Whenever possible, we always recommend a 3D scan if it’s available in your area.  Why?  Because nothing beats the impeccable comfort, ease and digital accuracy of a 3D scan.  A dental professional uses a small camera, about the same size as a toothbrush, to create a digital impression that captures every ridge and curve of your teeth.  Our customers are raving about the modern, quick process... and No More PUTTY!!  That's right.  No more putty. 

    Once your digital impression is on file, you won't need to repeat the fitting process, unless you undergo major changes or dental work to your teeth. Generally one fitting is all you need for a lifetime of custom mouthguards by GuardLab!

    Q4. So which guard is right for me? 

    A4. For contact sports (football, hockey, lacrosse, MMA, wrestling, etc.) you will need an Upper Protective Guard to keep your teeth protected.   We recommend the APEX Semi-Custom Guard for the quickest and most affordable solution. For essential protection during light contact or helmet sports (basketball, soccer, bjj, hockey) we recommend our ultra-thin APEX Lite Guard.  

    If you are ready to upgrade to a Custom-Fit Guard, then go for the PRO Guard, our best seller!

    If you seek the ultimate in protection AND performance, then our ARC-PRO Guards are the best guards on the planet.

    The ARC-PRO comes in 2 different styles: Upper Guards for contact sports and Lower Performance Guards for non-contact or endurance sports (i.e. soccer, baseball, weightlifting, rowing, etc.)   

    Guards are worn individually, meaning, you don't need to wear them at the same time.  The added support in our ARC Technology will stabilize your jaw while allowing you to speak, breathe and exert power without any distraction. 

    Our patented Alignment Repositioning Cushion (ARC) Technology helps to optimize the position of your jaw to help absorb impact and dissipate pressure to assist in reducing the risk of injury. Additionally, it has been proven that this perfect alignment increases oxygenation, stabilizes muscles of the head, neck and jaw, and enhances flexibility, balance, strength and explosive power. 


    Q5. How do I select the thickness of my mouthguard?

    A5. When you select your Custom PRO or ARC-PRO Guard, tell us the primary sport you will be using the mouthguard for.   This will help us to determine the right thickness and level of protection for your sport.  If you plan to use your guard for more than one sport, choose the primary sport that needs the most protection.  

    If you have a specific preference, pls leave a note with your order or email us your Order # to discuss. 

    Q6. How long does shipping and manufacturing take? 

    A6. We do our best to ship all products in a timely manner, however, we deeply care about quality and every guard is personalized to you, the individual.  Whether you are junior hockey player, a weekend warrior or an insanely paid professional athlete - we treat every guard with the same care and attention and we offer 100% customer satisfaction.  That being said:

    • APEX Guards are shipped out in 1-2 days, perfect for those who just can't wait.  Our simple self-fitting process is made easier with our unique pre-molded APEX bite pattern.
    • Home Kits will be mailed to your home in 2-5 days, and after you send in your impression, expect another 7-15 business days for your Custom Guard to be ready.  Watch our Fitting Video here
    • Once your 3D Scan is sent in by a Dentist, your Custom Guard will be ready in approximately 7-15 business days.  A 3D scan only takes a few minutes and your overall appointment may take up to 30 minutes. Learn more about 3D Scans here
    • Expedited shipping is available at checkout.  If you have an urgent request, please give us a call as soon as possible and we will do our best to assist. 


    Q7. What files can I upload to design my own guard?

    A7.  We recommend .png or .eps files, but .jpegs will work too.  The higher the resolution the better.  If you need any design assistance, you can "leave a comment to the seller" on the final check out page or immediately email us with your Order #.   


    Q8. Why should I try GuardLab.  My other boil-and-bite seems to be just fine...

    A8. You are right, your other mouthguard may be “just fine”, but don’t you deserve the best protection while you play?  

    Our precise 3D scanning ensures an EXCELLENT, snug fit and optimal comfort.  Having an impeccable custom-fit guard allows the athlete to perform better and a comfortable guard increases the likelihood that it will be worn. 

    We have designed our mouthguards with the modern athlete in mind.  To keep it simple, here are some of top-loved features:

      • All of our sports guards from APEX to ARC-PRO receive the same quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.  We manufacture 100% in New York, USA.  We use high quality shock absorbing dental material that is BPA free, latex free and phthalates free. 
        • We specialize in 3D Technology and accuracy matters.  Better fit = Better Protection.  
        • Design it the way you want it.  We make everything made-to-order, which reduces waste and improves efficiencies. 
        • All purchases include a complimentary carrying case.
        • Easy re-ordering online.  We store everything in digital records.
        • We're trusted by the pros from NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and more.  Our 3D technology and craftsmanship is unrivaled. 
      Pretty cool stuff, we know. We are stoked about what we do and hope you are too! 

      Q9. If I lose a custom guard, do I need to be rescanned?  

      A9. Nope. We keep your 3D digital impression in our labs so if you need another one, simply re-order online, send us an email or give us a call. We will ship you the replacement guard as soon as possible. 

      Q10. What if I have braces? 

      A10. No problem!  We recommend consulting your orthodontist for assistance before fitting your guard, but our products can be made for those of you with braces as well. 

      Q11. How often should I be rescanned? 

      A11. How quickly your teeth will shift depends on various factors. Since everyone’s situation is unique, we recommend calling us if you are feeling any discomfort with your guard over any period of time. Your comfort and experience are important to us, and we will talk through options and next steps with you. 

      Q12. Can a mouthguard prevent concussions? 

      A12. Great question, but unfortunately the results are mixed within the industry.  
      With that said, based on our research, we can tell you that mouthguard materials by nature have shock absorption qualities. Sports Dentistry states the following: 

      “Mouthguards must be resilient and yet soft enough to absorb impact energy and reduce transmitted forces. When a properly-fitted and balanced custom-made mouthguard is in place then, there is a forward/downward movement of the jaw, thus opening the space between the glenoid fossa and the condylar head. This may reduce the opportunity for the condylar head to directly impact the glenoid fossa after an upward blow to the jaw, thus reducing the impact and acceleration forces to the entire temporal region.” 

      Ok so that was a lot of technical jargon, but net-net, a custom ARC-PRO mouthguard with a balanced bite MIGHT assist in reducing the risk of injury by creating space within the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) and reducing the impact to the jaw. There are no guarantees when it comes to concussions, but here at GuardLab, we are going to do our absolute best to keep you protected.  

      Q14. Do you offer team discounts? 

      A14. Absolutely.  If you can assembly a small group, we offer wholesale pricing.  Simply email us for a quote. If your team is interested in Custom Guards, we can arrange a Scan Event at a local Dentist or on-site at your school or gym.  Email to enquire.


      Q15. Where else can I find GuardLab products? 

      A15.  Our APEX and APEX Lite products are available with select gym partners, retail stores, team dealers and Amazon.  We've recently partnered with Bauer Hockey and Bauer APEX Guards are available now.  If you are interested in becoming a seller or you'd like to be the first Dentist in your area to offer GuardLab products, please contact us