Guard Lab FAQs

We take pride in building you the best mouthguards possible. We hope this section provides all the answers you need. If you still have a question for us, feel free to use our Online Chat or send us an email to


Premium mouthguards for modern athletes.

Accuracy is everything when it comes to the perfect fit. Every mouthguard is built using 3D technology... empowering protection, performance and recovery for you, the modern athlete.

We use 3D scanners to capture every curve and ridge of your unique teeth for the most accurate mouthguards possible.  We researched & developed solutions for every type of athlete because we believe everyone deserves the best in mouthguard protection. 

We are modernizing every step of the process and making it better for you. From storing your stone models in digital records, to re-defining the Boil & Bite, with our APEX™ technology.  GuardLab is here to give athletes the best mouthguards on the planet. We offer unrivaled customer service, convenience, true comfort and reliability.  We love what we do, and hope you do too.