The Brother/Sister DUO currently taking over Motorsports

The Brother/Sister DUO currently taking over Motorsports

If you're looking for a story of sacrifice, hard-work, and perseverance... look no further than our new Brand Ambassadors, Cory and Shayna Texter. This brother-sister duo has taken the motorsports world by storm lately with their notable performances on the American Flat Track circuit. 


July 24, 2020 — Max Hontz
Brands x Better

GuardLab joins Brands x Better to Help Covid-19 Efforts

BRANDS x BETTER represents a new movement in how brands are more thoughtful in treating customers, teams and suppliers. As like-minded brands we have united in an effort to give back to those affected by COVID-19, while also supporting conscious consumer spending and do our part to keep the economy functioning. 

GuardLab is donating 10% of proceeds and giving 10% off all mouthguards (excluding team stores) until May 1.

April 18, 2020 — Flo Kirley
Mouthguards for Better Sleep and TMJ Alignment

Mouthguards for Better Sleep and TMJ Alignment

Most people like to think that mouthguards are only designed for football, boxingbasketball and other tough sportsbut mouthguards are also important to protect yourself when you’re not competing.  

As many as 1 in 3 adults may be grinding their teeth, and GuardLab has a custom-fit solution that is a fraction of what you would pay at a dentist. 

April 10, 2020 — Flo Kirley
True Lacrosse x GuardLab

GuardLab Becomes the Official Mouthguard of True Lacrosse

GuardLab is excited to announce the Customized APEX™ Guard is the Official Mouthguard of True Lacrosse for the 2020 season.  The APEX™ Guard was chosen as the Official Mouthguard of True Lacrosse for its high-quality graphics and pre-molded design that gives athletes a head-start on the fitting process.  Unlike other guards that are too hard, too bulky or have no customization features, the APEX™ Guard provides superior comfort and protection for lacrosse athletes.  
April 02, 2020 — Flo Kirley
Sporting Events to Watch While Sports Are Suspended

Sporting Events to Watch While Sports Are Suspended


Here are some of our picks for the Top Sporting events to re-watch while you’re working from home or self-distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic.  

March 19, 2020 — Flo Kirley
Tips for a Better Immune System this Spring

Tips for a Better Immune System this Spring

As the world is facing an unprecedented event with the spread of COVID-19, it’s important to keep our immune systems going strong, know the facts and stay calm.  When we are normally enter Spring, it's generally a good time because you've finally nailed your work/school + gym schedule and spring sports are about to begin.  The dangers of feeling run-down because of burn out, the seasons have changed or allergies hit -- is no fun for anyone. 
March 13, 2020 — Flo Kirley
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Do Baseball Players Wear Mouthguards?

Anybody who watches NBA games has likely seen multiple players chewing on their mouthguards between plays. It makes sense; basketball involves lots of elbows flying and other mishaps that could lead to unplanned trips to the dentist. In baseball, however, mouthguards are more of an open secret among MLB players.

A look at the science of baseball shows that mouthguards can help with a variety of issues that come with playing America’s favorite pastime. From simple stress relief to the ability to control breathing, everyone who takes the field with one of these guards has a reason to do so.

These reasons provide a fascinating look inside an aspect of baseball that doesn’t get much coverage.

Perfect Gift for Athletes

Perfect Gift for Athletes

GuardLab mouthguards make the perfect gift for athletes of all ages... and they’ll appreciate having something they can actually use!  
We’ve got a few different ways you can give the gift of GuardLab, so read on and happy gifting! 
December 17, 2019 — Flo Kirley
Rachael Washington - From Subway Harassment to Olympic Boxing Trials

Rachael Washington - From Subway Harassment to Olympic Boxing Trials

From her first-time boxing, to a NYC Golden Gloves Champion and now Qualifying for Olympic Trials, Rachael Washington of Everybody Fights, is a rising boxing champion. We sat down with Rachael at our last 3D scan event, powered by 3Shape, and spoke with her about her journey.  

NovoDental sponsors the Vanuatu U-17 Rugby Team

GuardLab was excited to work with Dr. Felipe Lemos of NovoDental, a 3Shape Trios user located in Vanuatu to provide mouthguards for their Rugby team.

December 15, 2019 — Flo Kirley