GuardLab Eager to See Tennessee Titans Enter the NFL Playoffs

NEW YORK, NY (January 20, 2022) --- GuardLab, an industry leader in mouthguard protection, will have a strong rooting interest in Saturday’s AFC Divisional playoff game featuring the Cincinnati Bengals playing on the road against No. 1 seed Tennessee Titans.  Since 2016, the New York-based company has worked with Titans team dentist Dr. Cristin McPherson-Lewis to offer state-of-the-art 3D custom-fit mouthguards, with ARC™ Technology, to the NFL team. At the beginning of each season Dr. Lewis oversees the dental scanning of all players to address any potential dental issues and creates a 3D file for GuardLab mouthguards.


We have worked with GuardLab since 2016 to offer our players another layer of protection with their state-of-the-art mouthguards,said Lewis, Tennessee Titans team dentist.Every season we arrange for a 3D scan for all our players to ensure we provide them the best dental protection when they are on the field. GuardLab is the premiere protection for all athletes.


GuardLab supplies custom-fit mouthguards to many players on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball for the Titans who finished the NFL regular season in 1st place with a 12-5 record, going 7-2 at home. In addition to the support from Dr. Lewis, the Titans athletic training staff is supportive of the protection and comfort the GuardLab mouthguards provide the players.

Tennessee Titans football mouthguard, ARC Mouthguard by GuardLab 

Photo credit: @titans and official photographer @donaldpage


An individual’s bite is captured using GuardLab’s proprietary ARC™ Technology, with supportive cushions to help stabilize the head, neck and jaw muscles. The benefits may include better head balance, enhanced oxygenation, and lessened TMJ tension.

As an added bonus, the athlete can choose between an upper style mouthguard or a lower guard (worn on the lower teeth) – with both options providing equal comfort and support without sacrificing protection. The Lower ARC™ Guard is discreet and low-profile, making it a popular choice with NFL athletes.

“We are thrilled to see the success of the Tennessee Titans in the regular season and wish them the best of luck in the NFL playoffs,” said GuardLab’s Chairman, Tefft Smith. “Two weeks ago, we celebrated when the Georgia Bulldogs won the College Football National Championship with many players wearing our mouthguards. We hope in the coming weeks we will be celebrating a Super Bowl championship with the Titans and GuardLab.”

ARC Technology, white NFL football mouthguard

For teams ready to embrace the increasingly dominant digital technology, GuardLab leads the way in providing the most accurate fitting mouthguards, and can quickly supply replacement mouthguards by using the 3D scan on file, saving athletic trainers and players valuable time and costs. A few professional players have created a relationship with GuardLab that has seen them don several different team uniforms, but they can rely on GuardLab to provide the same quality mouthguard without having to repeat the process.

All GuardLab mouthguards are made in New York, America, with high quality and USA-made dental-grade materials. The full product line also caters to youth athletes, with our premium Boil & Bite products: the APEX™ and APEX™ Lite, with an award-winning, patented, pre-indented Bite Pattern inside each guard to optimize the fit and feel. All APEX ™ Guards are customizable, with text or graphics. 


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