How Long Do You Boil a Mouthguard?

Boil and bite mouthguards are probably the most popular mouthguard type on the market, and they’re definitely the ones that we sell the most often here at GuardLab. Which begs the question: How long do you boil a mouthguard for? And should you literally boil it, or is that a figure of speech? We will answer these burning questions about boil and bite mouthguards.

Should You Actually Boil a Mouthguard?

For starters, we want to make it clear that you should never literally boil a mouthguard in hot water! That’s because when water reaches the boiling point, 212 degrees Fahrenheit, it is hot enough to potentially deform the mouthguard permanently.

Instead, boil two cups of water and wait until it cools down to the specified temperature. For GuardLab products, we recommend waiting until the water has cooled to 175 or 185 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the product.

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How Long Do You Boil a Mouthguard?

Once the water has cooled, you will immerse the white mouthguard for the amount of time specified by the manufacturer. For our Apex boil and bite guard, the process is super quick: a maximum of 30 seconds for the classic Apex, and a maximum of 25 seconds for the Apex Lite.

That’s because we pre-indent the bite pattern to help get the molding process started! This patent pending technique means a faster molding process for you as well as a better fit.

Competitor guards, which are bulky and don’t include our proprietary pre-indented bite, may need to sit in the hot water for one minute or even longer. This is because thicker guards need more time to heat up in order to make the material moldable. If you don’t leave it in the hot water long enough, it won’t take the impression of your teeth.

Once the mouthguard sits in the water long enough, take it out, shake out the excess moisture and get ready to fit the guard.

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What to Do After Boiling the Mouthguard

Now it’s time to fit the mouthguard. The pre-indented bite pattern makes the Apex mouthguards super easy to place, but you can still use a mirror if you’d like. Bite down lightly, create suction with your lips and use your tongue to push to the front of your mouth. Then use your hands to push the sides and front firmly for about 20 seconds.

Finally, remove the gold teeth mouthguard and run it under cold water to lock in the shape. If the guard doesn’t fit properly, reheat it and repeat the steps above until you get a good fit.

Note that mouthguards from different brands may take longer to fit or require a different process. Some guards on the market have to be left in the mouth for three to five minutes to fully make an impression, and then immersed in cold water for an additional two to three minutes. That’s a lot of time, and it increases exponentially if you have to refit the mouthguard multiple times.

Getting that proper fit is crucial because if the mouthguard isn’t molded currently, the edges can crumple away from the contours of your mouth, resulting in a bad fit and creating extra bulk. That’s why we designed our patent pending pre-indentation system: It gets rid of that extra material and makes it easier to get a perfect fit on the first try. We also offer three different sizes so you can choose the perfect one for your needs.

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Alternatives to Boiling Mouthguards

Some people don’t want to boil mouthguards for one reason or another. If that sounds like you, then consider our Custom Fit Pro series. These mouthguards can be fitted via either an at-home impression kit or a 3D dental scan for an exact fit, excellent protection and elevated comfort.

Whatever you do, we recommend staying away from stock mouthguards, which aren’t fitted to your mouth at all. Instead, they require you to bite down in order to hold them in place, straining your jaw muscles and causing cramps and soreness. They also usually only come in one size fits all — or, rather, one size one fits none. A boil and bite mouthguard is a much better alternative, especially a cutting edge one like our Apex lines.

Ready to experience the magic — or, rather, the science — of our pre-indentation mouthguards? Grab your Apex or Apex Lite mouthguard to discover the difference for yourself! Keep in mind that we offer exclusive discounts on multi-item orders that are only available when you put more than one product in your cart, so don’t be afraid to stock up.