How to Mold a Mouthguard for Sports

Learning how to mold a mouthguard properly is one of the first things an athlete must do.  A properly fitting mouthguard will provide protection and comfort, while a lopsided mouthguard can put your teeth and jaw at risk, not to mention make breathing and talking difficult.

When we decided to create our boil and bite mouthguards, we really wanted to make sure it would be better and different than everything else available.  So we researched and developed the APEX Bite Pattern, a universal tooth pattern based on thousands of real life athletes, who were already wearing our custom-fit mouthguards. 

Thankfully, molding a mouthguard at home is easier and faster with GuardLab. In this guide, we’ll walk you through what makes our moldable APEX Guards a better choice and explain how to mold a boil and bite mouthguard at home.

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Moldable Mouthguard Options

Not every mouthguard is molded the same way. Store-bought and generic mouthguards usually come in one size that usually don't fit. This is very uncomfortable and also offers less protection. For increased safety and comfort, we recommend choosing a mouthguard that can be molded to your mouth for a more personalized fit.


For a better experience, our APEX and APEX Lite mouthguards are pre-indented with a Bite Pattern inside. We are the first and only company to have this unique, patent-pending Bite Pattern inside of your mouthguard.  The APEX Bite Pattern shows you where to place your teeth, and this pre-molded design makes it easier and faster to mold the guard around your mouth. 


Developed using our 3D Technology, we offer 3 different sizes: small,  medium and large for a more precise fit.  One size does not fit all.  From little kids, teens, women and even among men, we all come in different shapes and sizes.  While the majority of people with adult sized teeth will be a size Medium, we do carry sizes that are smaller and larger than the average to make sure you have the most accurate fit. 


APEX guards are first softened in hot water; then you bite into them to create an impression of your teeth. This impression helps hold the mouthguard in place without you having to clench your jaw and also provides better protection. Our APEX Guards can be remolded more than once to adjust the fit as needed.

The shape of our mouthguards are already cut and tapered to replicate a custom fit guard.  It's conveniently made to hold it's outside shape and you only need to impress your teeth inside.  This means you don't need to worry about folding, bending, cutting, or shaping your mouthguard into a comfortable shape.  With our APEX Guards you can quickly and easily mold your guard and go play.


The most personalized molded mouthguards aren’t molded in water at all... they are tailor made just for you. Using an impression of your actual teeth, we will digitally model and 3D print your teeth, to create the most precise fitting custom-fit mouthguard you have ever tried on in your life. Custom fit mouthguards will have an extra expense associated with them due to the extra fitting steps, but many people find the cost worth it due to the protection, longevity and comfort offered by the personalized fit.  Plus at GuardLab, we digitally store everyone's models at no extra charge, so only one impression is all you need for a lifetime of perfect fitting mouthguards.

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How to Mold a Mouthguard

Please follow the fitting instructions that are inside of your APEX or APEX Lite packaging.  Since the APEX LITE Guards are slightly thinner, be sure to precisely follow the water temperature and the soaking time. 

Compared to other moldable mouthguards, our APEX Guards are designed to replicate a true custom mouthguard.  The shape of our guards should feel natural and comfortable, and there is no need to fold, bend, cut or re-shape the mouthguard to fit it naturally in your mouth. 

The pre-indented BITE PATTERN is our innovative solution that helps you align your teeth for a snug fitting mouthguard, in one attempt!  You can also re-do the fitting instructions again if you need an even closer fit. 



Each of our GuardLab mouthguards comes with full instructions explaining exactly how to fit it to your mouth, so don’t worry if you can’t remember it all.

If you opt to get a custom-fit PRO or ARC mouthguard by a home impression kit or digital scans at your dentist, there are no instructions needed.  All of our custom-fit PRO and ARC Mouthguards will fit you perfectly, right out of the box.

If you’re more of a visual learner, check out our videos that explain how to mold an APEX boil and bite mouthguard, how to take an impression at home and what to expect when getting your teeth digitally scanned at the dentist.

At GuardLab, we offer a wide selection of mouthguards to fit all kinds of budgets and styles, from custom Design-It-Yourself mouthguards to gold teeth mouthguards. If you’re not sure which mouthguard is right for your needs, check out our mouthguard comparison to help you make a decision — and keep in mind that all U.S. orders over $50 get free standard shipping!