Sporting Events to Watch While Sports Are Suspended

No March Madness.  

No NBA.  

No NHL.  

No MLB. 

No Nascar.  

Here are some of our picks for the Top Sporting events to re-watch while you’re working from home or self-distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic.  


1. The 2019 Home Run Derby 

One of the most exciting Home Run Derby's in history.  Let’s re-visit the most recent Home Run Derby from Progressive Field in Cleveland, OhioThere are 24.8 miles of home runs to behold!  What's their batting secret?



2. Raptors vs Warriors Finals Game 6 and Game 7

The elbow felt by Canadians everywhere, when Fred Van Vleet suffered a chipped tooth in Game 6 but then out came his GuardLab mouthguard for Game 7 and their history making NBA Champion win.  

The Toronto Raptors wear the ARC-PRO Upper Protection Guards in Clear, made thinner for Basketball.

3. Patriots 28-3 comeback in Super Bowl LI

Tom Brady is no longer a Patriot, but the greatest comeback in Super Bowl History will be remembered forever.

The Patriots have been wearing ARC-PRO Upper Protection Guards and Lower Performance Guards since 2015.  



 4. Miracle on Ice  

“Do you believe in Miracles?!” Watch USA in one of the most unlikely upsets in Olympic history over the heavily favored Soviet team.





5. England vs New Zealand Rugby World Cup Semi-Final 2019 

England takes on New Zealand in the 2019 Rugby World Cup Semi-Finals and manages to defeat the All-Blacks with an all-out performance that any rugby fan would appreciate. 


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