GuardLab APEX™ Named "Winner" in Team Sports/Protection at ISPO 2019.

MUNICH, January 16, 2019- The jury decision was revealed today and GuardLab’s APEX™ mouthguard was awarded "Winner" in the Team & Social Sports Protection category, at ISPO 2019, the world's largest sporting goods trade fair. The international award celebrates the APEX™ Semi-Custom Mouthguard as a top innovative safety product on the market.

Launched in 1970, ISPO is a leading sports network business for consumer experts. The ISPO Award is an annual award marking new products as leaders in technology and quality in the sports industry. Sports products up for the award are carefully reviewed by an international jury of trusted, athletes, retailers, journalists, designers and consumers. Once the winners are chosen, the respective products were displayed at ISPO 2019 in Munich this past month. This jury chooses the best products in over 80 different outdoors and sporting goods related categories.

GuardLab’s APEX™ Semi-Custom Mouthguards incorporate 3D technology and data research to improve the sizing options, fit and comfort for self-fit mouthguards. After studying thousands of 3D scanned athletes, GuardLab developed a patent-pending pre-indented bite pattern, which ensures a more accurate fitting guard around an athlete’s natural dentition.  APEX™ mouthguards are also made with TRAUMASHIELD -  a 150% more shock absorbent material for maximized protection by way of improved impact absorption.  In addition, the APEX™ Guard is the first self-fit mouthguard that individual customers can design on their own, using an easy online design tool on that includes the ability to add country flags, colorful designs and logos, displayed in real-time.

“We are very honored to receive this award that acknowledges our APEX™ mouthguards as an innovative sports product in the global market.  All of our products utilize 3D technology and innovative design to create the highest quality mouthguards without surrendering comfort or protection.” - GuardLab VP of Manufacturing and product designer, Kevin Doyle.

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