Perfect Gift for Athletes

Still can’t decide what to buy for those that have it all?   
GuardLab mouthguards make the perfect gift for athletes of all ages... and they’ll appreciate having something they can actually use!  
We’ve got a few different ways you can give the gift of GuardLab, so read on and happy gifting! 


1. Gift a Customized APEX Mouthguard

Our customers have so many good things to say about our new APEX Guards!  Here are the top 3 benefits that make this gift a slam dunk!  

    • Better fit and better feel - the APEX Guard actually fits like a custom guard and is super comfortable.
    • Design it any way you want - guaranteed to make your gift unique and one of a kind!
    • Plus, it ships in 2 days!  aka skip driving to the store and order it online.  Enjoy our fast and FREE shipping

Who is it for:  Perfect for any athlete who wants Style + Protection. 

Choose a Design from our our APEX Collection to match their personality such as Americana, Camo, Flora, Leopard or Cosmos.

Wow Factor:  Surprise them with their own name or personal touch!  Customize Your Own APEX GUARD 


2. Gift the APEX LITE

Thin is in.  The APEX LITE is our ultra-thin, super flexible and a best seller!

Who is it for:  Perfect for the no-muss, no-fuss athlete.  We bet this lightweight mouthguard will soon become their favorite.

Bonus factor:  It comes with a mouthguard case!  


      3. GuardLab Gift Cards

      Can't decide which guard to get? Gift Cards can be used for anything in our store! This makes a great gift for every athlete - let them choose the guard that's perfect for them:

                • Choose their favorite design 
                • Customize their own design
                • Put the value towards a custom-fit guard Available in cash denominations of $30, $50, $100, $150 


      Extra Bonus factor: Send it to their Apple Wallet or if you prefer a physical gift certificate versus an electronic one  email us 


        4. Do they currently wear GuardLab? Surprise them with a new custom-fit guard!

        We keep all scans on file to make re-ordering a breeze. Perfect for our pre-existing customers! Nothing beats a custom-fit guard that is a perfect fit!
            • Contact and we’ll help you with all details to get them a new guard.
            • We can even tell you the color and style of their previous orders.

            Bonus:  We will ship the guard to the address of your choice, so send it to your office or a friend’s house so you don’t ruin the surprise! 



            Have a safe and happy Holiday Season from All of Us at GuardLab!