Neuromuscular Mouthguards Hit a Home Run with Major League Baseball

A strategic rhythm is practiced every time an athlete steps out of the bullpen and up to bat. Inhale, focus, and most importantly; keep your eyes on the ball.

From the first swing, to the moment that baseball meets the bat and flies out of the park, a baseball player’s stance must be balanced, and the body aligned with room to breathe.

It’s essential for athletes at any level of competition to perform with the best equipment available. Endurance, quality and protection are key elements that should be considered while designing gear for players.

So why not take it to the next level of exactness with mouthguards? Well, it has.

MLB Toronto Blue Jays player, Jose Bautista swears by the importance of wearing mouthguards for baseball - and one kind of mouthguard in particular.

GuardLab® is a New York based company that has taken the evolution of Mouthguards, brought in the latest in 3D technology and ran with it; past second base, bringing it all the way home and into the hands of Bautista.

Recently in March, Bautista joined GuardLab’s elite athlete advisory board to become a powerful voice for the company.

“I never knew that a mouthguard could impact training, recovery and performance. The lower guard I wear helps me get into alignment, breathe better and create less tension throughout my body during movements,” Bautista said.

ARC Lower Performance Mouthguard

These neuromuscular mouthguards are designed through a scanning process that transfers the digital scan of an individual’s bite to a 3D printer; from which a mouthguard is custom made. The guard is engineered to optimize the bite and align the lower jaw into a down and forward position – this position stabilizes head, neck and jaw muscles, promotes full body alignment, and opens the airways in three dimensions.

“This is a piece of sports equipment that I believe in,” Bautista said.

And so, the mouthguard revolution has arrived.

Image via Jose Bautista's Instagram

“We are committed to creating an engaging brand experience and delivering a superior product for athletes everywhere,” CEO of GuardLab, Aidan Butler said.

A GuardLab mouthguard is a product that every type of athlete can believe in too. This is simply because the guard can benefit athletes in practically every sport and activity from contact sports, weight lifting, baseball, and even nighttime recovery.


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