GuardLab meets NHL All-Stars and the NHLPA

January 28, 2019 | GuardLab® visited San Jose, California in late January to meet the All-Stars at the 2019 All-Star Games, held at SAP Center in San Jose, home of the San Jose Sharks.  Among the highlights of the action-packed weekend was the fan-favorite skills competition and the high scoring 3-on-3 games, which was won by the Metropolitan Division. 

During the All-Star Weekend, GuardLab met with NHL Athletes to 3D scan them for custom mouthguards, using GuardLab’s 3D Technology, powered by 3Shape.  Athletes were fitted for GuardLab’s proprietary ARC-PRO Guards that feature an Alignment Repositioning Cushion engineered to help keep the airways open, increase stability in the head, neck and jaw muscles and reduce TMJ tension for overall improved protection and performance.

As part of the annual NHLPA Meeting, GuardLab presented to committee officials on the importance of mouthguard safety and how GuardLab is using neuromuscular science and technology to improve the protection, performance and compliance of today’s professional athletes.   

With GuardLab’s complete range of custom mouthguard solutions, athletes can choose to wear upper mouthguards for on-ice protection, Lower Performance guards for off-ice training or Recovery sleep guards - all from a single digital impression. 

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