The "Hurricane" Returns to UFC

UFC Strawweight, Heather Jo Clark will face her upcoming opponent, Karolina Kowalkiewicz on May 8th, for UFC Fight Night 87 in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

While the journey leading to this fight has included a series of strife and rehabilitation, Clark will return to the UFC to challenge her competitor Sunday night. 

In order to recover from a torn ACL injury in December of 2014, Clark began to train, refocused on the goal she set in hopes that she would fight again. This motivation coupled with positivity, has empowered her to reach her goal.

Throughout this process of renewal, Clark celebrates her achievements. As she began to regain strength in her body and in her legs, she started to see progression. Despite this adversity, she continued to move forward.

“My legs felt tired from the full week of hard PT, but instead of breaking I set a goal. 10 jumps in a row and I could stop. 10 more. And after a couple of minutes my legs began to feel alive again and I could put weight on my knee with no pain,” Clark said. 

Clark wears a GuardLab Lower Performance mouthguard for training purposes. This type of guard keeps her jaw aligned while she trains and as her teeth are clenched and strained.

The upper protection guard will keep her teeth protected from impact as she competes in UFC Fight Night 87.

Now, in the months following her training, with much perseverance and will, Clark anticipates her moment of redemption to defeat her opponentin Rotterdam.


Image via Heather Jo Clark's Instagram: 'LET'S DO THIS.'