6-Time IFBB Champion, Guy Cisternino discusses his Return to Pro BodyBuilding, Benefits of Neuromuscular Mouthguards for Fitness Training

Guy Cisternino is not your typical bodybuilderBorn in Bridgewater, New Jersey, Guy has always been heavily into athletics, growing up an avid boxer and football player, ultimately playing running back in college at Western Connecticut State U. Looking up to his father, Guy became inspired at a young age to build his physique on a professional level, eventually becoming an International Federation of Body Building Professional and icon in the fitness community, in turn inspiring IFBB fans everywhere to live healthy and constantly improve on themselves. Through years of training and dedication, Guy worked his way up to the top of the IFBB community to become a 6-time Federation Champion and Mr. Olympia competitor. Those years have not come with it's proper amount of setbacks though. 

In 2011, Guy was forced to take a step back from Bodybuilding after he suffered from major injuries as a result of a serious car crash at the hands of a reckless truck driver. Cisternino's vehicle collided at high speed with a box truck that was making an illegal U-turn while traveling on Route 80 in New York. The impact caused Guy to suffer multiple broken bones, and 2 herniations and bulges to his spine; severely damaging his jaw and neck. 

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💥💥GRAPHIC PHOTOS💥💥 For those that always ask why do you bite your headphone cord? Why do you wear @guardlab mouth guard when you train? Why do you always have your @cardilloweightbelts on? Well here’s the answer. 7 years ago on 11/03/2011 I was driving on route 80 heading into Long Island for an appearance for my sponsor at the time. I was cut off by a bucket truck trying to make an illegal u-turn off a main highway. He cut me off to make the turn, didn’t see my car, he came to a complete stop and I hit him almost head on into the back of his vehicle. I had a broken right thumb, ribs, 2 herniations in my back, 2 bulges in my back, messed up jaw, neck, tore my meniscus in my left knee that required surgery. It was a day I will never forget and a day that changed my life. Everyone sees the hard training, the laughs, the good times on social media. What you all don’t see are the days I have trouble getting out of bed, the constant pain in my back and knee, how the simplest tasks for me at times are very difficult. I hope that everyone can take one thing away from this, and that is do not take ANYTHING for granted. I was told if I didn’t workout or body build and didn’t have the muscle I had I would of been dead or broken my back. So this pain every single day reminds me of the blessing I have and that is to live another day. To my fans, friends, even haters and trolls that hate me, you all have a gift called life, sounds cliché, but don’t take life for granted, because I’m living proof how fast your life can change and almost end in seconds. Stay safe everyone, and God Bless! @centurion_labz @centurionlegion @officialgasp @official_otomix @trifectasystem #Quadro #NPC #IFBBproleague #WeDontPunt

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While in recovery, Guy says of his crash, "It was a day I will never forget and a day that changed my life. Everyone sees the hard training, the laughs, the good times on social media. What you all don't see are the days I have trouble getting our of bed, the constant pain in my back making the simplest daily tasks near impossible." 

In the years following the crash, Guy didn't quit in the face of serious adversity; being the beast that he is, that was never an option for him. Since 2011, Guy has returned to the IFBB circuit and has competed an impressive 10 times, with 2 championship finishes in his 212 lb division, even after double shoulder surgery in 2017. At 36 years old, Guy is pushing for another showing in the world-renowned Mr. Olympia this year. 

In 2018, Guy, who goes by "QUADRO" in the fitness community, joined #TeamGuardLab after being fitted for Custom Neuromuscular Mouthguards to assist with his performance during training. During a typical workout, Guy is constantly lifting heavy weights, which can unintentionally cause heavy clenching as it is a natural muscular response to strenuous activity. A neuromuscular mouthguard can assist by properly aligning and cushioning the jaw into its optimal position, which can improve stability in the head, neck and jaw muscles and overall alignment.

Speaking on his experience, Guy says, "Following my near-death accident in 2011, I was left with severe TMJ in my jaw, among other problems. I couldn't find any relief from training because of the pressure I would experience when biting down during my sets. After trying a regular mouthguard, I resorted to biting down on my headphone cable because it just didn't do the trick. THAT ALL CHANGED when I received my first GuardLab mouthguard. I have protection, comfort, breathability, and zero pain during and after training now. Saved my workouts and my career."

Currently, Cisternino utilizes a few different GuardLab mouthguards for his training and recovery. For active training, Guy wears our ARC Neuromuscular Guard in the Upper Protection style or the Lower Performance style -- which are custom measured through a 3D scan. Both guards feature GuardLab's proprietary "ARC" Neuromuscular Alignment system to Align, Reposition, and Cushion his jaw into optimal position. For post-workout recovery, Guy has our Custom-Fit night time Recovery Guard, which helps mitigate pain and damage caused by grinding and clenching during sleep. 

As a GuardLab Brand Ambassador and catalyst in the industry, Guy is helping us inform the fitness community about the performance benefits that a neuromuscular mouthguard can have on athletes of all levels. Battling through the adversity of physical injury and returning to elite level competition, one thing is proven... Guy Cisternino is a BEAST and a true example of physical and emotional fortitude. 


Caution: Post contains explicit language.