ARC: Protect + Perform + Recovery Guard Bundle

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This ultimate bundle set is designed for today's modern athlete.  

Equip yourself with the most scientifically advanced mouthguard technology to enhance your athletic training and performance.  

Our patented neuromuscular ARC-PRO™ mouthguards are engineered with ARC™ Technology to stabilize muscles in the head, neck and jaw and improve oxygenation and alignment, while reducing TMJ tension and lowering the risk of injury during impact.

Our ARC Guards can only be fitted by a Certified GuardLab Dentist via a digital scan that is completely pain-less and putty-free.   By using 3D Technology, our mouthguards have an unrivaled and impeccable fit with the highest accuracy and comfort of any mouthguard on the market.   


Included items:

  • This trio set includes: 1 Upper Protection Guard, 1 Lower Performance Guard and 1 Recovery Sleep Guard 
  • 13 Color choices available (ARC™ guards only; Sleep guards are clear)
  • Includes mouthguard cases 

 Suggested uses for ARC Mouthguards:

  • Ideal for all contact sports, non-contact sports, endurance training and more
  • May help to alleviate TMJ issues 
  • Helps to open the airways during sports activities
  • Provides cushioned protection without any bulk 
  • The truest, most scientifically advanced mouthguard that is specifically tailored to balance your unique bite and fit snug on your unique teeth.

Sleep Guard:

  • Choose your preference for an Upper or Lower Recovery Guard
  • Designed for light bruxism (teeth grinding) during rest and recovery
  • Made of hard/soft dental grade material designed for increased comfort and protection of your enamel.

3D Scan Required: 

  • Custom fit by a 3D Scan – using your exact measurements to optimize your bite, using proprietary ARC™ Technology, will adjust for muscle compensation caused by TMJ stress and increase balance, breathing and strength.
  • We keep all 3D scans on file so you can re-order again without having to take another impression. 


    This guard features ARC (Alignment Repositioning Cushion) Technology, designed to align and reposition the jaw into an optimal position to cushion impact while maximizing airflow. LEARN MORE


    How to Order this Trio Set: 

    1. Select your primary sport for the Upper Protection Guard. 

    2. Find the nearest 3D Scan Location.

    Measured only by a 3D Scan.  The 3D scan fee has an extra cost, payable to the Dentist, at the time of your appointment.  The fee depends on the Dentist and location, or if you choose to enroll as a new patient.  Walk-in fees range up to or around, $100-$150.  

    • If you choose a 3D Scan, find you closest 3D location here or email us for assistance.
    • If you are a returning customer, select Re-Order.

    3. Select your colors.  If you wish to add any graphics or text, please leave a comment in the "Note to Seller" box on the checkout page or email us with your Order #.  We will contact you to assist. 

    4. You're done!  The next steps will be emailed to you.