Team APEX Lite: Cory Texter Racing Special Edition

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Ultra-Slim + Comfort:  Cory Texter APEX LITE

The APEX™ Lite Guard is an ULTRA-SLIM Mouthguard, designed to be our thinnest mouthguard yet, but still offering essential protection for today’s modern athlete. 

Under 2.5mm thick, the APEX™ LITE is designed to be simple, pure and effective. 

Athletes love that it is made from soft, flexible, high quality material making it super comfortable and ultra-slim!



Why Choose APEX LITE:

  • Suitable for light contact and helmet sports
  • Precise fit won't obstruct breathing or communicating
  • Our unique APEX Bite Pattern makes it easier and faster to mold the guard 
  • Comfortable to wear, less bulky


  • Worn on the upper teeth
  • Includes mouthguard case
  • High quality dental grade materials, BPA-free and phthalates-free
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Wearers with braces should consult their dental professional before fitting your mouthpiece on your own!
  • Refer to our Fitting Video online for a quick demo!