Build Your APEX™

Custom design your very own mouthguard by choosing text, colors, graphics, emojis and more.  It's one of a kind, made only for you.  

Made to fit onto your upper teeth, this mouthguard provides excellent fit at an affordable price, all from the comfort of your home. It’s perfect for anyone from the weekend warriors to the young and growing athlete.
  • Made with TRAUMASHIELD™ - 150% more shock absorbent material
  • Great for the young and growing athlete
  • Patent pending pre-indentation bite pattern for a more accurate and comfortable fit
  • Includes a mouthguard case
  • Design your own guard in our configurator! (Add colors, text, graphics)
  • Premium dental grade materials, BPA free, 100% made in USA

We studied thousands of digital scans to find the optimal shape and size of a properly
fitted mouthguard. Using these findings we created digital teeth to pre-indent each guard.