At GuardLab, we make Custom-Fit Mouthguards for athetes of all sports and skill levels. Additionally, the thickness level of each guard varies depending on the amount of contact in each sports, also taking into account the application of the guard.


As far as Custom-Fit Athletic Mouthguards, we offer: 

PRO Guards (starting at $89.95) which fit to the Upper Teeth only, providing an impeccable fit, fit via a 3D Scanner or a Home Impression Kit. 

ARC-PRO Guards (starting at $149.95) which fit to the Upper & Lower Teeth, accurately fitting your natural neuromuscular bite. Includes our ARC™ Cushion to Align, Re-position, and Cushion the Neuromuscular System by keeping the wearer's Upper and Lower Jaws in proper alignment. Numerous benefits include increased airflow, oxygenation, and increased protection to Neuromuscular Injuries. Available in an Upper or Lower variant (depending on sport and preference).