Recovery Guard


Engineered for comfort by fitting on either the Upper or Lower teeth, the custom Recovery Guard helps with a better night's sleep while protecting from costly damage of light clenching and grinding (bruxism). The grind is real. Protect your pearly whites. 

  • Provides protection from costly damage of light grinding
  • Designed for comfort with a lightweight and snug fit
  • Clear color, BPA-free and made from dental grade hard/soft material
  • Put in just before going to sleep and awake with less jaw pain


How to Order a Recovery Guard:

1. Select your style - Upper or Lower.  It's your preference.

2. Choose your fitting method - Home Impression or 3D Scan.

Available by a Home Kit (additional $14.95) or a 3D Scan.  The 3D scan fee has an extra cost, payable to the Dentist, at the time of your appointment.  The fee depends on the Dentist location.  

3. If you choose a 3D Scan, find you closest 3D location here or email us for assistance.

4. You're done!  The next steps will be emailed to you.