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Ultimate Upper Protection + Performance.

Design It Yourself "DIY" with unlimited text and graphics!

Custom-fit only by a 3D Scan, this neuromuscular mouthguard is worn by some of the world’s top professional athletes. Engineered with ARC Technology to open the airways, improve stability of the head, neck and jaw muscles and help to reduce the risk of injury. 

Engineered with Neuromuscular Science

  • By using a proprietary methodology developed with two world class dentists, our ARC™ Guard is one of the most scientifically advanced mouthguards on the planet with an "Alignment, Re-positioning, Cushion" discreetly added to your mouthguard.

  • Benefits may include:  increased muscle balance, improved head position and body alignment, increased oxygenation and increased reaction times.  Open airways can reduce lactic acid and a corrected balanced "bite" can reduce negative compensation and adaptation of muscles.

Why choose ARC ™ Technology: Correct muscle balance results in improved alignment, breathing and protection.  GuardLab uses 3D Technology to ensure every guard is scientifically precise for the individual athlete.

The unique cushion size, placement and thickness will vary for every athlete.

Suggested Uses:

  • Ideal for all contact sports

  • Designed to stabilize the jaw during movements that cause you to clench

  • Helps to keep the airways open

  • May assist with TMJ issues

  • The neuromuscular cushion adds a layer of support near the molars, without adding additional bulk to rest of the guard


  • Provides the ultimate protection, unmatched comfort and impeccable fit
  • Provides maximum protection for the upper teeth and gums with neuromuscular support from a balanced bite

  • Designed for comfort and easy communication with a lightweight and snug fit
  • Maximizes airflow

  • Reduces the risk of injury caused from impact

  • DIY - means you designed the graphics yourself!

  • Includes mouthguard case

3D Scan Required:

  • Custom fit by a 3D Scan – using your exact measurements to optimize your bite, the Upper ARC™ Guard will adjust for muscle compensation caused by TMJ stress and help to increase balance, breathing and strength.


uniquely you, we offer mouthguard, and convenient custom mouthguards made with your unique teeth in mind

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This guard features ARC (Alignment Repositioning Cushion) Technology, designed to align and reposition the jaw into an optimal position to cushion impact while maximizing airflow. LEARN MORE arc technology

How to Order an ARC Guard:

1. Select your primary sport and Protection level.

  • Level 1 -Lite is recommended for BJJ, basketball, helmet sports like hockey and football.

  • Level 2 - Standard is lite/medium in thickness, recommended for rugby, roller derby, lacrosse. 

  • Level 3 - Heavy is recommended for MMA, Boxing, martial arts.

2. Find the nearest 3D Scan Location.

Measured only by a 3D Scan.  The 3D scan fee has an extra cost, payable to the Dentist, at the time of your appointment.  The fee depends on the Dentist and location, or if you choose to enroll as a new patient.  Walk-in fees range up to or around, $100-$150.  Scans provided by the GuardLab Scan Team are $50. 

3. Select "Start Designing" to add text or graphics and hit "Add to Cart" inside the Design Lab.

If you need any design assistance, please leave a comment in the "Note to Seller" box on the checkout page or email us with your Order #. 

4. You're done!  The next steps will be emailed to you. 

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