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Custom-Fit Protection for every sport.

Custom-made to fit specifically for you, our PRO Guard provides you with supreme protection and unmatched comfort. The PRO Guard is our best selling guard and measured by a 3D Scan.  Ideal for contact sports and all levels of athletes.

  • Choose your fitting method: 3D Digital Scan
  • Provides protection for the upper teeth and gums
  • Reduces the risk of injury caused from impact
  • Available in 13 colors
  • Includes a mouthguard case


If you want to add a design to your guard, click here

How to Order a PRO Guard - Standard Color

1. Select your primary sport and Protection level.

  • Level 1 - Lite is recommended for BJJ, basketball, helmet sports like hockey and football.  
  • Level 2 - Standard is lite/medium in thickness, recommended for rugby, roller derby, lacrosse. 
  • Level 3 - Heavy is recommended for MMA, Boxing, martial arts.

2. Choose your fitting method - 3D Scan.

Available by 3D Scan only from a GuardLab dentist or your local provider.  The 3D scan fee has an extra cost, payable to the Dentist, at the time of your appointment.  The fee depends on the Dentist and location, ranging up to $100.   But it's worth it!  One scan will last a very long time and we promise it will be the best fitting guard you have EVER worn.

  • If you choose a 3D Scan from our list of providers, search for the closet location here or email us for assistance.
  • If your local provider has a 3D Scanner, please email us and we will provide instructions on how to send in your scan.
  • If you are a returning customer, select Re-Order. We conveniently keep your info safely stored, free of charge.

**Note: At-Home Kits are being phased out and no longer available, due to the high volume of inaccurate home impressions.  Our customers prefer 3D scanning because it is more accurate and convenient. #NoMorePutty 

3. You're done!  After your 3D scan and order is received, we will email you tracking number once ready to ship.