GuardLab joins Brands x Better to Help Covid-19 Efforts

To our Team GuardLab Athletes and friends,

We hope you are doing well and staying safe at this time. We first want to thank everyone on the front lines, especially the healthcare workers, grocery staff,  volunteers and other essential workers.  Your dedication, commitment and courage deserve our deepest gratitude and admiration. 

Like everyone else in the world, we have been closely monitoring the Covid-19 outbreak. We share the same feelings and concerns about everyone's health and safety, the slowed down economy, and the abrupt end or pause on many of your sporting seasons. 

During this period of uncertainty, everyone has exhibited tremendous strength and resiliency. Many athletes have used their talents to uplift everyone in the community with their home workouts, training drills and motivational posts.  Keep it up.  The world appreciates your determination to keep us moving and staying healthy, and we can't wait to see you back on the field, in the ring or on the courts, soon. 

We've all been impacted by this unprecedented crisis and that's why GuardLab has joined Brands x Better to help make a difference and pay it forward.  We are giving 10% off and donating 10% to Long Island Cares - The Harry Chapin Food Bank which serves families in Nassau and Suffolk counties of New York. 

In case you didn't know about our history,  GuardLab is a small business headquartered on Long Island, NY.  We are so proud of the global reach of #TEAMGUARDLAB and we are passionate about making mouthguards that athletes truly love to wear.  All of our products are made-to-order to reduce environmental waste and we harness 3D Technology to improve the speed, accuracy and comfort of our guards.  We are proud to manufacture 100% in the USA and hope we can hire more staff soon.

We understand the situation is evolving, but we hope to make a positive difference to families in our community, in any way that we can. 

Thank you for making this possible.



About the Coalition:
BRANDS x BETTER represents a new movement in how brands are more thoughtful in treating customers, teams and suppliers. As like-minded brands we have united in an effort to give back to those affected by COVID-19, while also supporting conscious consumer spending and do our part to keep the economy functioning. 
The world is going through an unprecedented crisis that is bringing the economy—and the consumer spending that supports it—to a halt. This chain reaction has grave implications for our globalized world and especially impacts small businesses, who drive innovation and keep the economy afloat. 
What We Promise You, the Consumer: 
As you continue to support the digitally native brands you rely on, we pledge to take that support and pay it forward to those on the front lines of the health crisis, in addition to our employees and suppliers.  
GuardLab has pledged 10% of proceeds to Long Island Cares – The Harry Chapin Food Bank, a humanitarian aid organization, with a mission to supply critical food and resources for families on Long Island during the Covid-19 crisis and throughout the year.  We chose to support residents of Long Island, as they are part of our immediate community, and have been heavily impacted as a result of the critical number of cases in NYC. 

We are giving 10% off all orders (excluding Team Stores) with code "TOGETHER" until May 31.

GuardLab is proud to stand hand in hand with these upstanding brands and our hope for a brighter future begins with taking the first step. Thank you for your continued support!

For a full list of participating brands:

Follow the Brands x Better Facebook page and IG  @brandsxbetter

Long Island Cares - The Harry Chapin Food Bank:


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