GuardLab® Joins PSISTORM Gaming at the Celebrate Fairfax Festival

June 11, 2018 -  This past weekend, GuardLab sponsored the PSISTORM CUP VI in Fairfax, VA. The 3-day event brought professional e-sports athletes and fans to the Celebrate Fairfax Festival that featured a StarCraft II tournament, open play for all skill levels, and mixed competitions with FIFA, NBA2k, Madden, Rocket League, and more. Additionally, PSISTORM CUP VI was the top featured StarCraft streaming event of the weekend on the popular industry leading streaming platform, Twitch.

GuardLab proudly sponsored PSISTORM CUP VI with the intent to bring awareness of the benefits that a neuromuscular mouthguard can have on athletes of all sports, including e-gaming. For the average professional e-sports athlete, a typical session can last hours. Hours of intense gaming can lead to teeth grinding and other stress on the jaw.

GuardLab uses 3D digital scanning and 3D printing technologies for its mouthguards, engineered with a proprietary Alignment Repositioning Cushion (ARC™) to align the athlete’s jaw into its most optimal position for the best protection and performance.  Using 3D technology, the mouthguard is able to precisely transfer the information from the individual to accurately design each guard to reduce the risk of injury by increasing airway flow, stability and addressing TMJ alignment.

During the tournament, True, professional StarCraft player, GSL Code S, and DreamHack Montreal 2016 Champion, wore our Lower Performance mouthguard during the competition. True is a gamer from South Korea, ranked #11 in the 2018 StarCraft II World Championship Series Circuit. He finished 2nd at the event and exclaimed that,

True, PSISTORM Gaming professional gamer, wearing GuardLab

“GuardLab’s Lower Performance guard protects my teeth from grinding when playing StarCraft, making me a lot less nervous during gameplay.”- TruePSISTORM Gaming professional gamer.

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PSISTORM CUP VICelebrate Fairfax Event

Photos: @guardlab