EverybodyFights® x GuardLab® SEMI-CUSTOM MOUTHGUARDS

June 16, 2018 – New York based mouthguard company GuardLab® has teamed up with George Foreman III’s EverybodyFights® award-winning boxing gym with locations in Boston, NYC, Chicago and Kentucky. GuardLab will be providing custom-branded EverybodyFights Mouthguards powered by GuardLab at select locations, as well as on the gym’s online shop.

The mouthguards will feature GuardLab’s patent pending pre-indentation technology with the popular EverybodyFights mottos “Fight Ready” and “EverybodyFights”. GuardLab will host a kickoff event to offer free 3D scanning for EverybodyFights gym members.

EveryBody Fights x GuardLab Mouthguard

GuardLab is a revolutionary custom mouthguard brand that uses advanced 3D scanning technology to provide customers with the highest level of protection and comfort, as well as a custom look. EverybodyFights will begin carrying their newest product, the APEX™ Semi-Custom Mouthguard, developed from extensive R&D and based on thousands of digital scans of real athletes. This precision, combined with the 150% more shock absorbent plastic blend material, TRAUMASHIELD™, provides an unmatched level of comfort, perfect for sparring and training at EBF gyms.

EverybodyFights has the grit of a traditional boxing gym delivered in the style of a luxury fitness studio. Whether you want to fight, or get into fighting shape, you can get it done at the King of Boxing Gyms. EverybodyFights features five class experiences based on a real fighter’s training camp: BAGS (heavy bag), TRAIN (circuit), ROAD (treadmill), FIGHT (technique) and FLOW (recovery). 

“Being able to train more safely and comfortably is the first step on a lifelong journey of fitness and boxing”, says Founder, George Foreman III, son of boxing legend George Foreman Sr. “My father always told us to protect our teeth before sparring, no matter what. We grew up knowing that safety should never be compromised.”

EverybodyFights x GuardLab APEX™ mouthguards are now available exclusively through the EverybodyFights online shop and select locations.

For more information visit www.guardlab.com


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All photo credits: Rachel Gianatasio @rachelg_photography