GuardLab: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Mouthguards

Protect yourself while rolling and competing on the mat.

Don’t let your opponent or the mat get the better of you. Strikes may sting and bruise, but you can properly protect your face — mouth, teeth, jaw and head — by wearing a proper Brazilian Jiu Jitsu mouthguard. 


Our most popular choice for BJJ athletes is a thin mouthguard. Designed specifically to be light weight with no obstructions while breathing, talking or drinking water. Our APEX LITE mouth guards are engineered to be soft and shock absorbing.  

Our innovative APEX BITE PATTERN is pre-indented into each APEX Guard and contoured like a real custom mouthguard, so you’ll have less distractions and more protection while playing. Further, younger players can protect themselves with a BJJ mouthguard for braces, ensuring their dental work remains safe. 


Clear APEX LITE mouthguard



If you’re looking for a tight fit that won't ever slip off your teeth, then our Custom Fit PRO Guards will be the perfect GuardLab BJJ mouthpiece.

Custom Fit mouthguards are measured by an At-Home Impression Kit or by a 3D Scan.  

Our Custom Fit 3D Scan Mouthguards are the best in the industry and a guaranteed perfect fit, every time!  Look for a nearby scanning location or check our Instagram for local scan event announcements - we are often visiting BJJ and MMA gyms.
black BJJ mouthguard on green background
@guardlab, PRO DIY in Level 2

Renzo Gracie, legendary Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) practitioner, has trusted GuardLab since 2015 to be the Official Mouthguard to his academies. His specialized collection of BJJ mouthguards are designed with BJJ and MMA athletes in mind, made for complete comfort and all-around protection, and his official logo can be added to your own GuardLab DIY mouthguard.

Group of GuardLab Mouthguards with Renzo Gracie logos

@guardlab, PRO DIY Custom-made Mouthguards, in Level 1


Recommended mouthguards for BJJ:

For a slim fit with no worry about your guard slipping off, our BJJ athletes are choosing the custom-fit PRO Guard or ARC Guard in Level 1 or Level 2 (which requires a 3D scan or impression of your teeth).

APEX LITE or APEX are also popular choices, if you like premium quality + value, with the quick convenience of a boil and bite.  View the entire APEX Collection for more colorful designs.