GuardLab:  Baseball Mouthguards

At GuardLab, we believe every type of sport and athlete can find benefit from wearing a GuardLab mouthguard.  Whether you’re at the plate swinging for the fences or throwing heaters down the middle of the plate, you may wonder why so many baseball players are starting to wear GuardLab mouthguards. 

A mouthguard for a baseball or softball?  

Yes, it sounds weird until you take a fastball or a line drive to the mouth. As the saying goes, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”  Just ask any infielder who’s had a close, or not-so-close, call.

Softballers will probably want a traditional APEX or PRO Guard for upper teeth protection.  

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But GuardLab has a new secret weapon for baseball pitchers and batters:  GuardLab’s Lower Performance ARC Mouthguard.  Even if no one else on your team is wearing a mouthguard (right now), you'll be one of the firsts to wear something that many MLB pros are already using.  Liam Hendricks, the 2021 American League Reliever of the Year, relies on GuardLab’s Lower ARC Mouthguard, to help relieve tension while standing on the mound and to help with breathing. 

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Another GuardLab Brand Ambassador, six-time All-Star José Bautista said, "The lower guard I wear helps me get into alignment, breathe better and create less tension throughout my body during movements.”

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As a baseball player, you need to perform under pressure. With a 3D-scanned baseball mouthguard, made specifically to your individual bite with ARC™ Technology, it may help you perform at your best for every pitch and hit at bat. 


Silver ARC Lower Performance Mouthguard
@guardlab, the ARC Lower Performance Mouthguard in Silver

Explore our collection below and find the right baseball custom-fitted mouthguard meant for you! 


 How to get a 3D Scan for all ARC Mouthguards:

  1. Find the nearest 3D Scan location of a Certified GuardLab Dentist and book an appointment. Our Dentists are specially trained for this specific type of guard.
  2. Order your ARC Mouthguard online, Select 3D Scan as your fitting method
  3. You're done!  The guard will be delivered within 2 weeks of your scan appointment