Essential Safety Equipment for Adult Sports

Just because you’re an adult it doesn’t mean that you no longer have to bother with safety equipment when you play sports. Here is our must-have list of essential safety equipment for adult sports, from sports mouthguards to helmets:


Mouthguards are a must for almost any adult sport, from horseback riding to roller derbying. Boil and bite mouthguards protect your teeth, jaw, tongue, and face from injury. One of the great perks of being an adult is that you’ve stopped growing and your teeth have stopped moving around, so you can justify splurging on a super-comfortable and high-quality custom mouthguard.

Clear mouthguard with two gold teeth

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Our APEX Boil and Bite mouthguards are suitable for:  hockey, lacrosse, basketball, football, cycling, martial arts and many more sports.  They are the go-to product for athletes who want to quickly get out and play. We offer fast shipping so you can skip driving to the store. Our premium boil and bites will save you in the long run because they are just as convenient as a store-bought mouthguard, but they are higher in quality, design and comfort and will last you a longer time.  Plus, every purchase includes a case.

The ultimate mouthguard is tailor made to your exact measurements and our 3D Technology means every guard is more accurately made and you will definitely feel the difference.  Our custom-fit mouthguards will not slide off your teeth - the fit will be tight and snug, allowing you to drink, talk and breathe better.

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Protective Eyewear

Your eyes are very delicate and deserve to be protected accordingly! Many sports require the use of protective eyewear or eye shields made from clear polycarbonate that is both durable and transparent.


Helmets are essential for reducing your risk of concussion and protecting your head from injury. Each sport has a different type of helmet design that is specifically tailored to the most common injuries or falls for that sport.

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Safety Pads and Guards

Pads and guards protect your limbs and joints from scrapes, fractures, bruises, sprains and other pesky injuries. The number, style and type of padding will vary depending not only on the sport that you play, but also on what position you play.

Proper Footwear

The right shoes will keep your feet steady on the ground while allowing you to move around nimbly. Again, the style of shoes varies with the type of sports that you play, as well as the terrain that you plan on. Outdoor sports typically require more of a tread for traction, while indoor sports require smooth soles that won’t catch on the floor.

 playing basketball in gymnasium

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While most people don’t think of them as safety gear, having a properly fitting uniform does contribute to overall safety. Think of trying to run a race in basketball shorts: The extra fabric would get all tangled up in your legs and potentially cause you to trip. Get yourself the right uniform in the right size, and you won’t regret it — and don’t forget to get a new one if your size changes dramatically.

Sports-Specific Protective Gear

It’s really hard to make a general list of essential safety equipment for adult sports because so much of it depends on the exact type of sport you are playing. When creating your list of essential safety equipment, always look to your sport for the comprehensive list to make sure that you don’t leave anything out!

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